About Us

Okay... So this is a pretty simple story. I saw Rounders about 15 years ago and was hooked. Since then my team and I have: 1. Created the first brick and mortar poker school in the country. 2. Produced several hundred hours of video content. 3. Created the largest study ever conducted on poker players. 4. Spent thousands of hours coaching thousands of players. 5. Played more hours of poker then we can possibly count. 6. Built models and frameworks for educating poker players at every skill and experience level. 7. Have had a lot of fun doing it!

Meet the team



I consider myself to be a teacher at heart and have personally worked with thousands of players ranging from complete beginners to some of the best poker players in the world.

I am the owner of The Nonverbal Group a behavioral based research organization located in NYC.

I was an Adjunct Psychology Professor at the City University of New York for 7 years.

I am probably most known in poker for my work on Beyond Tells. The largest study ever conducted on tells and am considered the go-to person for this subject. You can learn more about my exploration into tells here.



It’s crazy, but I actually have Groupon to thank for my poker career. A Harvard graduate, uninspired with life after college, I bought a Groupon seat to an Intro to Poker class at School of Cards and it sparked an obsession with poker that has grown from that day on.

Although honestly, it wasn’t until I went to a casino for the first time, sat down at a table, and made $400 in 2 hours that I realized I could turn my hobby into a career. A month later, I quit my job and was officially started playing poker for a living. Blake asked me to come “help” him with Beyond Tells for a few months, and I’m still here 4 years later. :)

The surprising part of all this was that I didn’t foresee how much I would love teaching and sharing poker. I now feel so thankful that I get to teach all the live classes at School of Cards, including Intro to Poker, Poker in Practice, Mathematics of Poker and Profitable NLHE.

Additionally, I currently handle all operations and customer service for Beyond Tells and School of Cards.

When I’m not playing or teaching poker, I like to dance, cook, and take naps. Sometimes I dance while I cook. Unadvisable to take naps while cooking. ;)



If you’ve watched a video on School of Cards website, School of Cards YouTube, Cash Game Fix or Beyond Tells...chances are, I’ve worked on it. I joined the team in 2012 and since that date, I have pulled my fair share of all-nighters in the office to get content filmed or hours of video cut. Beyond that, I’m a neat freak and can have organized everything in our office alphabetically and can mop & dust better than the Four Seasons cleaning staff. :)

I’m happy to say that I get to work with my best friend, Blake and get out information that really helps people. I believe in the mission and am happy to help serve it.

When I’m not in the office, I love to get out of the city and be out in nature. Kayaking and hiking in the warm months and snowboarding in the cool months. O and the office joke is that I’m a cookie monster. I really really like cookies.



Hi! I am Mollie. You may be thinking..."What the hell does the NASA division do?!" Basically, I am in charge of the launches for all of our online courses and free online training series. If you have ever taken any of our online courses or free workshops, I was the one that brought the marketing concepts for them from idea to execution.

I have a strong background in human behavior, communications, personal development, and psychology & look forward to integrating some bigger developmental themes into our course curriculum.

While I am fairly new to the game of poker, I have recently begun to learn and plan to be at the WSOP this summer. ;)


I have had my hand in several areas in the poker industry: playing, writing, site promotion, and coaching. I got my start in poker online at the micros, and slowly grinded up the limits to 100nl where I played for several months before transitioning to live low stakes no limit hold’em. Since transitioning to live, I have played 1/2, 1/3, 2/5, and 5/10 NL.

More recently, I’ve delved into tournament poker, following many of the Mid-States Poker Tour stops and playing primarily at the 500 to 2k entry levels. I’ve experienced some success on the tour, with a fifth place finish at the April 2015 Potawatomi MSPT 1k Main Event for $33,795, and numerous other cashes in the MSPT and WSOP.

I play other variants for fun and to improve my overall poker chops, including PLO, PLO8, stud, stud8, razz, HORSE, and badugi. For me, poker is an engaging hobby, a part-time job, a social game, and a long-time passion.


I have been playing live casino poker for almost twenty five years. I first started playing 7-Card stud in the East Coast poker rooms during the mid 90’s. When Limit Holdem became popular in the early 2000’s I transitioned to that game. These days most of my play is in the $2-5 and $5-10 NL Holdem cash games and the $5-5 and $5-$10 PLO cash games.

Over the years the games have changed and so have the methods of teaching and learning the game. Since the beginning I have considered myself a student of the game. I have read all the books and been a member of all the training sites. I have also been lucky enough to have taken one-on-one coaching from some elite levels players. Those experiences have allowed me to develop relationships with some of the best players and thinkers in today’s games.

I believe all these experiences and interactions helped create for me a well rounded approach to the game of poker. I enjoy discussing and studying the game and hopefully we will have an opportunity to learn from each other going forward.