WARNING: For the rest of this page, when we use the word AGGRESSION. We don't mean randomized 3bets or dumb river bluffs that make no sense. We are referring to carefully thought out, situationally driven, range-on-range, valid aggression that is grounded in logic, math, and psychology. Most players who think they are aggressive are really just reckless. There is a big difference between GOOD and BAD aggression.

If You Don't Add Aggression in 2018 You Will Fail. Here is Why:

In 2010, we used to teach a live course in NYC called Profitable No Limit Hold Em. I taught players in a weekend to focus on pure value. Wait for a hand and bet. Guess what? It worked. However, poker evolves and in 2018 you simply cannot play poker the way you used to. Every single player needs to add aggression to their game.


Your Hourly Rate Without Aggression is NOT Sustainable

The average hourly rate for a McDonald's employee is $8 an hour. The average hourly rate for a tight player with decent mechanics is about 6 BB an hour. At 1/2 that's $12 an hour. The problem is when you account for transportation and all the costs associated with actually playing poker your hourly rate is often considerably reduced. I promise - when you do the raw math a very tight player or a moderately tight player with aggression leaks makes less than an employee at McDonald's! I don't know about you, but I’d rather dish out folds and put my players in tough spots than hand out french fries.


You're Too Predictable and Easy to Play Against in Today's Games Without Aggression

The average player just doesn't have any idea how exploitable their game is. When you play such a defined range even players that are not aware have an easier time playing against you. In a game where money is made through mistakes, your predictability makes it VERY easy for your opponents to play perfectly against you. Let me ask you one simple question. At the table who is easier to play against? The really tight player who always folds or has it, or the aggressive player constantly applying pressure?


If You Don't Add Aggression to Your Game You Will Make MORE Mistakes

I know it sounds counterintuitive. How could you make mistakes if you are playing a more defined range and fewer hands? It's because we are human and we get bored. Sitting there for 10 hours waiting to have a top hand and your opponent to have a slightly worse hand is not how you play poker. It lacks control, it lacks creativity, and it's going to get boring. So what happens in reality? You start to get bored, you limp, you call, and you start to make more mistakes.


Poker is More Challenging, Rewarding, and Ultimately Enjoyable When You Are Aggressive

Aggression leads to higher hourly rates. It requires you to push your comfort zone, it commands respect. These may sound like trivial aspects of aggression but they make a big difference if you want to have long-term sustainability in this game. If you see poker as a game where you get to force people to make tough decisions, make a decent hourly rate, and constantly improve and work on yourself you are going to have a much more enjoyable time.


If Your Aggression Isn't Refined, It Will Be Reckless

Some players will read this entire page and they will agree with me. They will say. "Blake, you're right, I need more aggression." Then they will jump right in and start being more aggressive at the table. This is a recipe for disaster. Properly introducing aggression into your game takes work. You need to understand the mechanics of aggression and introduce it in a way that makes sense for it to actually be sustainable.


Aggression Gives You Control

You can't control what cards you are dealt, what the board is, or what players decide to do. However, you can control the amount of pressure you apply at the table. Part of the reason players feel a lack of control at the table is because they can only confidently play with a very defined value range. Once you start to recognize the value of attacking specific situations you will feel like you can create more opportunity at the table and you will have more control.

In Summary….

  • Aggression is critical to success in today’s games.
  • Aggression is missing in most players’ games.
  • Aggression is something every single poker player should take the time to work on.

This is why we created..

How Are We Going to Accomplish These Goals?

We are going to add aggression to our game by getting our hands dirty. You buy a book, you don't finish it. You buy a program, you don't finish. Why? Life happens. This is why we need to integrate information slowly and consistently. Can you work on your game for 10-20 minutes a day? Sure you can. The structure is simple. You will watch 1 video and do 1 assignment each day for 30 days. This way you walk out more aggressive.

Every day for 30 days you will….

Watch 1 Video

Each day you will watch a video where we will discuss a component of aggression. Videos will address theory, mechanics, mindset, and everything you need to understand in order to become more aggressive. We will break down hands, use range calculators, address questions, and a lot more.

Do 1 Assignment

We don't just want you to passively watch videos. We want you to be able to implement aggression in your game. The assignments force you to immediately apply what was learned so it becomes a part of your process. Each day you will do an assignment that deals with the logical, mathematical, or psychological aspects of aggression.

Watch 1 Breakdown

All assignments will feature a breakdown. This is where we deconstruct the assignment and explain the process we used to answer it. This allows you to reinforce what you did and determine where you need to work on your game. The assignment breakdowns are also amazing for building confidence in your own aggression at the table.

Why This Method Works?

The problem with most poker education is that it's passive. Watching a video or reading a book doesn't engage enough of a thought process for improvement. The Aggression Workshop is designed to get you to critically THINK, so you can transfer that thinking to your actual games.


Consistency Through Daily Reinforcement

How many times have you said you would do something and ended up procrastinating or putting it aside? Part of this program is about developing consistency through a daily practice. By putting a specific amount of time in each day and establishing a routine, the effects will compound significantly.


Passive vs. Active Learning (Thought Process)

The aggression workshop is about learning through doing. We are going to actively engage your thought process with our drills so that you are actually working on improving your ability to apply these concepts when you sit down at the table.


Determine Exactly Why You Aren't Already Aggressive

One of the more difficult aspects about playing poker is never knowing if you are correct or incorrect. By giving you a drill followed by a breakdown you will get to see how close you were to correct. If you continue to identify that your thought process is correct you start to develop confidence at the actual table.

In The 30 Day Aggression Workshop You Will:

  • You Will Fully Understand Exactly What Aggression is

    Most players know the word aggression but they can't actually define it. We will start the course with a workable definition so you can actually understand what being aggressive means.

  • You Will Go Through a Personal Aggression Audit

    A key part of our process is to do a top-down audit of our aggression. We want to see exactly where we currently are adding aggression and we want to determine what our process is for aggressive acts at the table. Once we establish where we are, we can build a solid plan to add aggression into our game.

  • You Will Adopt an Aggressive Mindset

    Before we actually apply pressure to our opponents we need to change our mindset. Adopting an aggressive mindset is all about shifting your perspective. We will show you exactly how to do that.

  • You Will Uncover Your Aggression Blockages (Constraints)

    Every player has blockages that stop them from being as aggressive as they should be. These are what I call constraints. A constraint can be emotional, mental, financial, etc. There are lots of reasons why you are missing out on aggression that would help your game. This course will help you figure out your own blockages and give you strategies for combating them.

  • You Will Learn the Spectrum of Aggression and the Art of Adjustment

    There are many different types of aggression because there are many different factors that play into when and how you should be aggressive. This class will cover the spectrum of aggressive actions and how you can use them to bring new layers to your game.

  • You Will Recognize the Perception of Aggression in Poker

    A major aspect of understanding aggression is to fully understand how aggression is perceived by other players. There are a wide variety of reactions to being aggressive at the poker table, and we'll help you navigate that spectrum in order to maximize your success.

  • You Will Reconstruct Your Aggression

    Adding aggression into your game can be dangerous. It's not enough to just be more aggressive. You need to incorporate well-timed, intentional aggression into your game in order to be effective. We will work on taking your aggression from random to specific.

  • You Will Understand the Math Behind Aggression

    The average player isn't aggressive enough because they haven't seen the math. They haven't spent time doing range on range calculations and really seeing how widening your range makes you more money. We will spend several exercises teaching you how to calculate the value of your aggression at the table. I promise you will have several "Damn I am definitely too tight" realizations.

  • You Will Master the Who, When, Where, and How of Aggression

    Once we understand the core principles of aggression, how do we apply it? We create a simple framework that allows us to establish who we take aggressive acts against, when and where we take them, and how we execute them.

  • You Will Integrate Aggression into Your Game

    Adding aggression into your game takes time, so it's important to have a plan that you can implement in a controlled way. This course will help you develop a detailed structure for adding aggression to your game over a specific period of time so you end up on the right path.

  • You Will Realize How to Combat Aggressive Players

    One of the major benefits of working on your aggression is you start to learn how to counter it. We are going to be more aggressive because the average player is going to incorrectly adjust when faced with aggression. Understanding the mistakes players make when adjusting to aggression will give us the ability to re-aggress and attack even the most aggressive opponents.

  • You Will Get My Top Tips for Adding in Aggression

    Over the years we have worked on adding aggression to hundreds of players’ games. We have multiple ways to make this process significantly easier, exciting, and profitable.

  • You Will Know When You Are Getting Reckless

    It will happen. You start to get a sweet taste of how aggression can change your game. You push players around. You get results. Then it starts to change as you shift from measured aggression to reckless aggression. It happens, and we will show you the warning signs of reckless aggression and how to prevent it.

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Listen, let's be clear here. I can't guarantee that you are suddenly going to turn into the best poker player in the world. Anyone selling you any product that guarantees stuff like that is full of shit.

What I can guarantee is that if you take the training and do the work, Beyond Tells will be the best investment you have ever made in your game. The information you get from reading behavior will significantly elevate your skills, allowing you to pay for the product many times over. I am so confident in what I am offering because I have personally seen the incredible results experienced by hundreds of players.

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Blake Eastman

Creator of The Aggression Workshop

A Game Changing Workshop on Aggression with Very Passive Pricing

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One Time Payment of:


  • 30 Daily Videos
  • 30 Daily Assignments
  • 30 Assignment Breakdowns
  • Lifetime Access to All Content
  • 15 Day Money Back Guarantee