Transform your Mental Game, Perspective, Focus, and Performance by Resetting and Rebuilding Your Psychological Approach to Poker.

This ISN’T a Typical Poker “Mental Game” Product

When poker players traditionally use the term “mental game” they tend to think about an obvious problem. For example, if a player gets really frustrated at the table they will say they need to work on their “mental game”. Reducing tilt and frustration at the table is obviously valuable and it will be something the Mental Edge tackles. However, the word “Mental” goes much deeper than reducing tilt and this isn’t just a course for players with mental game problems. The Mental Edge is a complete reconstruction of how you approach the game. We are going to transform your perspective, focus, and performance by really working on yourself and rebuilding your psychological approach to poker.

A Mental Edge is Critical For The Following Reasons


Knowing What to Do and Actually Doing It Are Two Different Things Entirely

A common theme amongst poker players is something I call the “If I could only” fallacy. This is when a player takes one area of their game and states that “If they could only improve that” everything would be different. You are probably reading this right now thinking, “Blake, you don’t understand. If I could really just change my focus my entire game would change.” Players think they know what’s holding them back but it’s impossible for a person to see their own blind spots. Without a strong mental game you will constantly fall into a trap where you try to work on the symptom and not the actual root cause. This is one of the primary reasons players are in the same position each year and don’t experience massive growth in the game.


A Mental Edge is Essential to Long Term Success in Poker

Poker is a marathon not a sprint. In order to deal with the ups and downs and the learning curves you need a solid mental strategy. Any player can sit down and have amazing results one weekend. The game is about your mindset, mental state, and enjoyment over your entire career. Not just one session. Developing a mental edge is what will allow you to have a positive and powerful outlook and perspective through the ups and downs of the game.


Having a Solid Strategy with Amazing Mechanics Just Isn’t Enough

If you take 9 of the best poker players in the world and have them sit down and play in any given day their edge is going to come from mental focus and clarity NOT skill. In today’s games plenty of players have done considerable levels of work on their game. Mechanically, they may be very solid players but that doesn’t mean they can stick to those mechanics in each and every session they play. A decent and consistent player is going to do much better over time than an amazing but sporadic player. A powerful mental edge is the path to a higher level of consistency and growth.


Every Problem is a Mindset Problem

If you look at the origin of every single problem it is mindset. For example, even those most technical problems are often mindset problems because there is something stopping you from seeking out the right person with the right answer. After coaching poker for so many years it’s clear that a lot of players aren’t improving because of a lack of knowledge. They know what to do but something is stopping them from that. You will be shocked at how most issues are mindset issues and are only resolved with techniques and strategies not traditionally found in poker.


Your Opponents WON’T Be Doing This Special Kind of Work

I promise you one thing. Sit down with a table of poker players and I can GUARANTEE they haven’t done the level of work that is required to have a powerful mental edge at the table. You can have players who are better than you mechanically but a more powerful mindset can take you much further.

This is why we developed The Mental Edge. A completely different approach to mental game training and something that can only be created with our unique background of psychology, coaching, and poker.

In The Mental Edge You Will:

You Will Confront Areas of Your Game You Have Avoided for a Very Long Time

Fear of losing, problems with risk, fear of looking bad. The list goes on and on. There are deeper themed reasons that prevent players from growing. The course will act as a very powerful tool for confronting these issues and together we will remove them, leaving you with an entirely new approach to the game.

You Will Have the Biggest Breakthrough in Problems like Maintaining Focus and Regulating Tilt

Everyone is going to occasionally lose focus or get a little frustrated at the table. Anyone who says you should be 100% emotionless all the time just hasn’t played poker. The goal is massive improvement, awareness, and continuing growth. Not elimination. By understanding your deeper psychology you will be ready to tackle problems like focus and tilt in a way you never have before.

You Will Understand the Psychology of Long Term Sustainable Habit Change

Most people can’t create sustainable changes because they don’t understand the psychology behind how to change your behavior. We will dive deep into the psychology of change so you understand the frameworks behind making big changes to your psychology, health, performance and more.

You Will Considerably Reduce Your Mistakes and Have Fewer “Why Did I Do That” Moments at the Table

Ever have those moments where the second you call or raise you know that it was a mistake? You have no idea why you did that because you knew it was wrong but still did it? Well that's a mental game problem and there is a deeper reason why you keep making those mistakes. While you will always make mistakes at the table you will considerably reduce the ones that are completely unnecessary.

You Will ALWAYS Have a Plan

Variance is part of the game. You can’t win every session. This is something that most poker players know intellectually but they still suffer from the ups and downs of the game. We will redesign our approach towards handling variance and use it to enjoy and control the rollercoaster of poker.

You Will Have a New Approach for Dealing With Variance

Variance is part of the game. You can’t win every session. This is something that most poker players know intellectually but they still suffer from the ups and downs of the game. We will redesign our approach towards handling variance and use it to enjoy and control the rollercoaster of poker.

You Will Understand How to Immediately Integrate What Was Taught

You read a book, you find a concept interesting, but it doesn’t always make it to your actual game. By using our daily work method you will integrate everything you learn immediately after you learn it. This makes sure that the skill-sets you receive are practical and actually utilized.

You WILL Be Held Accountable

This is a 40 day program that requires 20 minutes of work per day. We will be tracking everyone's login patterns and if you do not do the work we will be reaching out to make sure you get back on track.


We Will Systematically Rebuild Our Mental Game by Doing 20 Minutes of Work Every Day for 40 days.

By committing to a small amount of daily work we can establish consistency and make gigantic changes to our game by making small daily shifts. Let me explain how this process will work.


Uncover The Hidden Loops, Stories, Misconceptions, Reality Twists, and Mental Blocks There Are Preventing You From Playing The Best Poker Ever

One of the most common statements we get at School of Cards is, “I know what's holding me back.” I hate to be the one to break it to you but it is very unlikely you do. You might have some insight about where you need to improve but it’s impossible to see what's really holding you back without a deeper level process because most things holding back players are unseen to them. They are blind spots. We will start the course with a deep dive audit of all the factors that affect your game. We will go deep into your relationship with the game and uncover the dynamics holding you back that you probably weren’t even aware existed.


Replace The Barriers That Are Preventing You From Playing Your Best Game

Once we identify your unique barriers we want to focus on replacing them. NOT removing them. A large body of psychological research supports habit replacement as a more effective method for long term sustainable change. We will replace your negative thoughts with powerful ones, your limiting habits with growth habits, and transform your entire language around poker.


Recognize the Change in Your Life and Game By Applying Your New Approach

Throughout the program we will be applying everything we have learned in our day to day life and on the table. Application will be an essential part of this course and you have countless opportunities to see the difference in your approach and mental game as you apply everything that you learn.


Create Systems to Maintain a Healthy Balance and Ensure Continuing Growth so You are Making More Money While You are More Excited

Remember, poker is a marathon not a sprint. We don’t want to rebuild your entire mental framework and then have you revert to old habits. At the end of the program we will make sure we build a system so we can maintain and improve on everything we learned.

The Mental Edge is The First School of Cards Course That Will Add a Massive Edge to Your Life

We can make all the poker and life analogies we want but the reality is poker is much different than life. However, The Mental Edge is a course that is focused on the psychology of performance. This is not just in poker this is in everyday life as well. Throughout the course you will see blockages and develop strategies that can be used directly in your life. At the end of the course you will not only be a considerably better poker player but hopefully a better performing person!

Also, The Mental Edge includes something unique….



In addition to working on our games, we are all going to commit to improving our health by removing or reducing 1 bad habit and adding 1 positive one. This serves two primary purposes. First, by changing some core habits you will experience a change in your health which will have be a big impact on your performance on table. Second, since this is a mental game course we are going to want to explore what is preventing you from performing at a high level. By maintaining a daily habit for 40 days we will be able to examine the themes that prevent you from consistently succeeding.


: A player lost 15 lbs and massively increased energy levels by…


: Intermittent fasting everyday.


: Any sugar in meals after 5:00 p.

In the first 3 days of the program you will design your health sprint. If you stick to the program you will finish not only with a new mindset but new perspective on your health as well. Poker can teach us to be better people both on and off the table and this is a perfect opportunity to use the game to improve your life as well.


Try For 15 Days. If Not For You. We Will Give Your Your Money Back. No Questions Asked.

Listen, let’s be clear here. I can’t guarantee that you are all of a sudden going to turn into the best poker player in the world. Anyone selling you any product that guarantees stuff like that is full of shit.

What I can guarantee is that if you take the training and do the work, The Mental Edge will be an incredible investment that will change the way you play poker and significantly improve your life. The insights you receive from diving deep into your psychology will significantly elevate your game, allowing you to pay for the product so many times over.

And let me say this one last time: there is absolutely NO RISK. If you are not amazed at the quality of The Mental Edge Tells - send us an email at any time time during the first 15 days and I will give you a full refund. No questions asked. No hard feelings.


Enter 2019 a New Person With a New Mindset

Out of all the skillsets you can acquire in the new year, nothing is more powerful then having a mental edge. Change your game and your life by diving deep into the psychology behind your performance both on and off the table.

Lifetime Access to The Mental Edge is only.

One Time Payment of:


  • 40 Daily Mental Game Videos
  • 20 Assignment Breakdowns
  • Daily Challenge and Tracking
  • 5 Pre-Recorded Coaching Calls
  • Lifetime Access to All Content
  • 15 Day Money Back Guarentee

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when it ends? Do I lose access to everything?

No. You will have LIFETIME access to all content once the course is over. You will be able to retake it any time and receive all future course updates and improvements for free.

What if I don’t like the course? Can I get my money back?

Yes, of course. We offer a 15-day money back guarantee. If you don't like the course for any reason you can get a full refund if you are in the 15-day window.

How much time will I have to dedicate each day?

The entire course is designed for you to do around 20 minutes of work each day. However, based on the variability in study styles and the various types of content you should expect each day to take between 15 and 30 minutes.

I’m busy. What if I start to fall behind?

We will reach out and make sure you get back on track! Normally, our courses are designed to be self paced. This course is all about daily work so while it is technically okay if you miss one day, the goal is to maintain the daily habit for 40 days.

What if I have questions, will there be people that I can go to?

Ok course! We are available via the red button on the lower right hand side of the site. You should be able to see this button right now. Try it out and ask us something.

Will I get access to the entire course all at once?

No, The Mental Edge is designed as a daily release course. Each day new content, assignments, and breakdowns will open up. Once the entire course is finished you will have open access to all content so you can go back and review certain concepts and strategies.